ByteGS: cloud software for managing instruments and calibrations

ByteGS gestione strumenti

ByteGS is the flexible and reliable cloud software that allows you to manage calibrations in the company . 

Do you currently use Excel files to manage instruments and calibrations in the company?
Do you want to innovate the quality management system ?

Features of ByteGS

Internal calibrations with comparison report and external calibrations with calibration certificate.
Manageable directly from the instrument card .

Instruments Master Data, with all accessible features .
Additional documents can also be attached

Develop control plans on specific measures to be carried out. Metrological confirmation the easy
way .

Book the instruments you need.
Improve business organization.

Do you have multiple corporate offices? with ByteGS it won’t be a problem.

We are Bytelabs : we want to partner with companies, give us a call and we will provide you with the best possible assistance.

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Some of our customer

Customer who selected ByteGS as solution to increase effective in own instruments management.

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